Tutorials and Therapy

Please Contact us at info@preppischool.com for the specific need of your child so that we may customize the appropriate Therapy and/ or Tutorial.

Preppi School offers Tutorial Classes for Preschool, Grade School and Secondary Level.

It also offers Enrichment Courses for each academic subject. More importantly, it presents esteem-building and morale boosting coaching and mentoring sessions to aid in unlocking the child’s potential. Usually, the “mental block” begins in the “self”. We build the child so that s/he can properly construct him/herself in all areas of life.

Therapy for children with special needs or with behavioral challenges are also offered. Slots are limited based on the availability of the trained teacher. Preppi School invests a lot of one-on-one constructive moments with the child having special needs before s/he is allowed to join in the mainstream so that s/he will have a better chance of success. Scaffolding and all kinds of support are provided. Preppi School has worked with children having different learning disabilities (under the spectrum of LD which includes ADD, ADHD, dyslexia, focus challenges, language delays, etc), mental retardation, Down Syndrome, Asperger’s Syndrome and autism.

Preppi School partners with the parents and the child’s therapist and/or developmental pediatrician, or medical consultant to aid the child attain his/her competencies and gain confidence and all the life skills needed to succeed in life. We meet the child where s/he is at and bring him/her where s/he should be by applying tried and tested effective and wholesome practices applying child psychology principles, brain-based learning, value-laden lessons, well-designed tools and equipment and specific special needs therapy techniques.

We guarantee results but require time. The development of each child differs in its blooming time so the full participation of the parents, faith in the child and trust in the Preppi School methods, the parents’ partner in progressive education, are very important elements to success.

The Preppi Curricula, namely, the Montessori Method, the TRUTH Curriculum, and National Institute for Learning Development (NILD) techniques and a host of brain-based tried and tested principles are utilized for the Tutorials and Therapy.

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