Preppi Program Format

Preppi Programs and Principles are:
  • Time-tested and universal
  • Three –dimensional: The Montessori and TRUTH Curriculum are Academic, Professional and Practical(based from the real world practices) and Experiential-based
  • The Montessori Method offers materialized abstractions to speed up learning and independent thinking
  • The TRUTH Curriculum offers an interplay of value-laden lessons within academic lessons presented in a fun yet realistic and professional way: An Example of Truth Therapy Series: In the Mathematics of Character Building – Kids learn math, manners and memory- building skills as well as responsibility and accountability
  •  Inter-denominational classes: There are no religion promoted but Bible-based lessons with universal relevance like obedience, respect, responsibility, and a host of other wholesome values are presented
  • Preppi partners with the parents in planning for the development of each child
Preppi Playground for Learning offers
  • A prepared, and carefully designed environment that has the comfort of a home and efficiency of a school
  • Child-safe “place of leisure” (the Anglo-Saxon meaning of “school” is “a place of leisure”)
  • Preppi playground has its Power Kits, Preppi Pals and Play-to-Learn Programs
  • Grade School Students have special GOING-OUT Trips which allow them to go to several places in the course of a school year to further explore and have a practical experience of  theories they learn in class  like:
  •                  Personal Banking – kids open their own Savings Account
  •                  Nature Trips for Biology lessons
  •                  Community Care Outreach
  •                  Investigative Science Exploration, etc.
  •                  Grocery shopping and fund-raising activities
  •                  Exposure Trips to Preview the Real Professional World
  • Going-Out is different from the annual school-wide Field Trip for preschool and grade school students
Preppi Power Kits
  • Artfully fun yet functional tools that really work
  • Kid-size kitchen and laboratory equipment
  •  Montessori Classics are  creative yet concrete materialized abstractions designed by Montessori  that  help children learn abstract concepts in a very concrete way ; some have been redesigned and updated  by Preppi
  • The teacher-prepared lessons and materials are Preppi originals designed by the  Preppi team in unique formats based on teaching with the brain in mind. (Ask for a sample to preview)
  •  Lesson presentations are always 2 to 3 –in-one lessons with IQ and EQ boosters; academic facts promote and inspire positive esteem building skills  and values (very different from textbook format)
  • Administers academic, I.Q. and E.Q. tests and assessments
  • Uses real updated colorful books not text books

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