Preppi Curriculum

The Preppi Curriculum utlizes two powerful curricula:

1) The time-tested Montessori Curriculum based on the Association Montessori Internationale (AMI) Training which applies the scientific Montessori Method,


2) The unique TRUTH Curriculum that Marita Villafuerte-Pierce devised. It presents lessons through the following practical and creative avenues of presentations:

         Truth Therapy

         Truth Trivia

          True Tales

         True Techniques

         True Tips

         True Relationships

        True Life

        Truth Viewing

The Preppi Curricula also applies time-tested and peer reviewed concepts and practices of child psychology and current findings on brain-based learning.

The Special Education Program is based on the techniques of Dr. Montessori and the National Institute of Learning Development, Virginia (NILD). The NILD techniques, just like the Montessori Method, has specific tools and brain-based techniques, as well as positive mentoring approach that allow the child, inspite of his/her special needs to attain achievement and aptitude.

Value formation is drawn from the Bible, promoting God as the positive G-force in one’s life. The crux of the individual is founded on Integrity. Integrity means “to be whole”. Integrity training is part of the Truth Therapy.

The special creative workshops for children are also draw inspiration from the Preppi Curricula and are better constructed through the participation and wealth of information shared by Preppi’s host of specialists, and consultants, as well as Marita V. Pierce’s international and professional exposure and experience. The life skills and FUNctional Literacy lessons are based on international and current adult practices adjusted for the psychology of the child. Such lesson activities prepare the children for their future adult life.

The EMPOWER Teacher and Adult Training Program is a specialized program that provides a cutting edge Curricula presenting not only significant theories but tools and the How To’s in effective teaching and professional development. The type of professional development offered is very different from the Education courses for teachers available in other schools. This is the first of its kind ~ a professional leadership course that trains the adult on international practices of effective communication, work ethic, goal-setting, integrity advantage, accountability and many more.

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