The Dream Team

The Preppi Dream Team is composed of devoted and caring host of professionals who are more than qualified to teach children. PREPPI has its consultants involved in evaluations and curriculum development and full-time educators in contact with the children daily.

Preppi Professional Consultants

To prepare the child to become a significant contributor in our society, PREPPI is power-packed with practicing 

professionals as its consultants and specialists for its ever-evolving curriculum. The best way to learn is from real professional experts — from world class, experienced, well-educated and qualified child educators, medical doctors, lawyers, entrepreneurs,  designers, statesmen, bankers, architects, missionaries, chefs and restaurateurs,  prolific writers,  athletes,  managers,  performers, housewives and scientists.

Exprerience is education. Each Preppi Professional excels in his/her specific field of profession. Each has made a mark in society with his/her professional contribution and experience. Most have acquired higher education in the Philippines and abroad, thus, providing global perspectives to the educational training and programs.

Preppi Full-time Educators

Our Preppi Pals are our everyday amiable and passionate educators who engage the curious child to creative and stimulating activities geared towards a holistic development. A Preppi Pal is well educated, well bred, and well-mannered. Most of our Preppi Pals, or teachers, in traditional parlance, have over the top qualifications; they typically have 2 educational degrees and are Master Degree holders. They have more than the minimum requirement for teaching. All our licensed by the Department of Education.

  • Our Preschool teachers usually have Early Childhood and Elementary Education degrees
  • Our Elementary teachers have  Secondary Education degrees, which means that they have a broader expanse of knowledge to teach elementary children
  • Intensive Professional In-house Training Program titled EMPOWER Teachers Program is given to each team member (teachers and support staff) to learn the Preppi principles and professional teaching techniques and develop character and confidence-building skills
  • Teachers undergo a Montessori Training Program to earn their U.S. certified diploma
  • The Preppi Staff take Continuing Education Programs, specific to their interests and inclinations
  • Preppi puts prime importance on communication skills. Each staff member also undergoes a special Preppi Reading,Writing and Speaking Program for their personal and professional development.
  • Preppi Pals put a premium in life-long learning and attitude adjustments in order to live an exemplary and signficant life
  • The Preppi Team participates in a weekly value-laden course that boosts their morale, motivation and moral fiber. Individuals with a solid set of core values manifest excellent performance in their personal and professional life.

More than educational and professional qualifications, each Preppi Professional and Preppi Pal have love and respect for the child. Because of the Preppi Pals’ professional and personal backgrounds, they are able to guide each child to undergo a series of stringent yet stress-free training with international standards.

Preppi School invests so much in the lives of its Preppi Family, the Dream Team, and develops positive relationships. It is in Preppi School’s giving that each Preppi Team member can give to each child we are honored to serve.

The Preppi Pals not only have fun teaching their students but they joyfully learn new things every year as well. Aside from Teacher Training and Staff Development programs , the Preppi Pals practice what they preach and walk what they talk. They plan, prepare and yes, participate and perform in every program. They join their students in every event, dress up for the part, speak, dance and sing just like the rest.

This is a unique learning experience for the Preppi Pals which is not typical in most schools. They learn something different even if they are doing the same thing as their students. Most of the Preppi School Events are different from what they have experienced as young children. The experience contribute to their character development as well.

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Preppi Part-time Specialists

The Preppi playground of learning allows students to learn from world-class winners on how to live a life of leadership, teamwork, discipline and God-confidence. To BE the BEst, we have to learn from the Best.

  • GYMNASTICS: Coach Tammy De Guzman, a prolific local and international performer and consistent multi-awarded gymnast teaches kids the basics of body movements, endurance, coordination and discipline. Gymnastics is the most basic of all sports. Each child begins with gymnastics
  • SWIMMING: Coach Ria Mackay, U.S. trained and U.S. certified, licensed to teach the Total Immersion Program from the US, teaches kids safe  yet fun and effective swimming techniques. She is the founder of Aqualogic Swim Co.
  • FOOTBALL : Coach Candice Grey, U.S. and Phil. trained and certified in football, former member of La Salle’s winning football team, prolific director of Futbol Funatics.

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