Each year, the Preppi School Foundation, Inc. considers applicants to a Preppi Scholarship Program.

There are three kinds of Preppi scholarships that are offered:

1) For a student from a middle class family with parents having an income that may Not be sufficient to afford the full tuition costs of Preppi education: a Partial Scholarship is offered. There are times when one or two are awarded a Full Scholarship.

2) For the student from an indigent family with income range of minimum to below the minimum wage : a Full (Tuition) Scholarship is offered

3) A fully integrated Preppi School for the Poor, in cooperation with a supporting organization, is set up in a poor or rural community for the benefit of the poor children in that community : Full Scholarship for every student, plus provision of school materials are made available

Preppi Philosophy on Child Education

Preppi believes that every child deserves a first-rate education.
Preppi aims to provide equal opportunity for every child no matter what state s/he is in:

  • level of development
  • abilities or competence
  • grades and school performance
  • income level
  • race, sex or age
  • may have special needs

Preppi believes that each child has a potential for success. Preppi is confident that with its prescribed pedagogy, programs, principles and processes, it is able to empower, educate and equip the child and prepare them for success in the present and future.

Needless to say, as stated above, the scholarship is not only offered for high-performing students, a typical requirement for most schools. The scholarship program is open for all children. Preppi is willing to invest in the life of a child because each child is special.

Preppi offers the Preppi Scholarship as long as Scholarship Funds are available bestowed by its generous sponsors, partner organizations and individuals. If you are a potential Preppi donor or partner and excited to invest in children who represent 100% of our future, please contact us at

The Preppi scholarship program is officially named the Aida J. Virata Memorial Scholarship Program as a tribute to one of its original Preppi trustees and founding members.

How to Apply for the Scholarship Program


1) Kindly e-mail your intent at . Please indicate the following in your letter of introduction:

a)    your full name

b)    your child’s full name, age, grade sex and school background

c)    reason for why you think your child is a potential candidate to be a Preppi scholar


2) AFTER emailing your intent, please LOGIN at as a GUEST. Please wait for a few days before you are given your access codes. You will receive an email notification. Once you receive your notification, you will be able to download the SCHOLARSHIP FORM.

3) Fill up the Scholarship Form and do not leave any blanks. If some questions are not relevant to you, write “N.A”. Prepare all the pertinent documents required.

Application for the Scholarship Program is Time Sensitive. You will have a better chance for consideration if you submit as soon as you can.

4) Email to and send the following:

a) Accomplished Scholarship Form

b) Attach all the pertinent documents required. Your application for the scholarship program will not be processed. If you submit incomplete requirements and documentation. Please be responsible to check that you have complied with all the requirements without need of a reminder from Preppi School.

When you send your e-mail for submission of all documents, please indicate on the Subject of your e-mail message the following detail listed below:
SUBJECT: Accomplished Scholarship Application of (Name of Student)c) Request for a Personal Appointment to visit Preppi School to present the Original Documents which you have scanned and emailed to Please bring your child for a personal interview and assessment.

5) The Final Step: Visit at Preppi School

a) For Verification Purposes, the Preppi Admin will look at the Original Documents which should be similar to the copies you have emailed. If some documents are not complete, you will be asked again to come back for the submission of the documents. Remember to email the copies of the documents before your next visit.

b) Your child will be interviewed and assessed at this time.

c) It is highly recommended that both parents come for an interview.

d) An appointment will be arranged for a Preppi representative to visit your home as part of the application requirement assessment.

e) If your documents are in order, you will be advised to expect notification for the final decision of your scholarship application via e-mail.

6) The Decision: Expect a notification if your child has been accepted as a Preppi scholar for the current year. If funds are not available, a child may be put on the waiting list for the next school year.

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