Prepared Environment

The Preppi Place respects the child. It is a child-focused, child-sized and child-safe environment. Air- conditioned rooms provide a visually stimulating and musical place where the child has enough space for movement and independent work. Studies show that the right kind of music help in the mental  and emotional development of the child.

Each piece of child-size furniture is carefully crafted not only for the developmental level of the child but also to appeal to his/her aesthetic sense. Layout and design also allow the child to make independent creative choices significant to his/her total development.

The Preppi Place is a showcase of its educational principles. It was specially designed by Marita Villafuerte-Pierce, an international designer who became an educator.

The Preppi Facilities are:

Preschool Classroom

Preschool Washroom

Elementary Classroom

Elementary Washroom

Elementary Lounge

Library and Music Room

Kids’ Kitchen

Kids’ Workshop and Science Lab Center


Japanese Garden and Playground

Admin Office

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